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We would love to be your dogs date to your wedding. As vet nurses and dog trainers, your dog will be in the best hands throughout the day, so you can enjoy yours. All our packages are customisable to suit you and your dogs every need. We will take care of all the treats, water, toilet breaks and belly rubs. We will ensure your dog remains relaxed and happy  when greeting guests, stays entertained and calm for the ceremony, and of course looks dapper and photogenic for the paparazzi. Your dog will have the time of their life, while you marry the love of your life.

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We can make

Pawsome Reviews

"Emily was simply amazing with Ollie. She kept him calm and happy throughout the day. We 100% recommend I Do Paws to anyone wanting to include their fur baby in their wedding"

Jess, Brad & Ollie

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All our packages include a free meet and greet, for us to get to know your pup and visa versa. The chaperone service starts from when we pick up your dog and concludes when we drop them home, so transport too and from the venue is included in the hourly packages. For all weddings, we recommend your pup arrives at least 30mins prior to the ceremony beginning, so they can sniff the venue, do any last minute toileting and allow time to greet guests one at a time. This will help your dog adjust and become accustom to their new surroundings as well as be comfortable and relaxed around a large crowd.



Training Session

Ideal for the cutest ring bearer & Zoolander models! Sessions are done on the day of the wedding and can be used as a big walk to get out any nervous energy, or as a formal training session. Training options include teaching your furry friend to greet guests politely, walk down the aisle and deliver the rings, walk calmly on the leash as part of the procession, sit nicely with the wedding party for dog of honour duties, and to sit perfectly and look straight down the camera barrel to get the PAWfect photos. 


Grooming Session

I want your pooch to look their BEST for the wedding day. On the day of the wedding, we will do a full brush, condition and spray some beautiful smelling dog perfume. They will look, smell and feel beautiful for the wedding day. 


Travelling in our safe and reliable cars, your best friend will arrive to your wedding  in style! We will then transport them back to your house (or boarding kennel), feed them dinner and tuck them into bed. 

Wedding Day Chaperone

We will be your pups plus one to your wedding. As vet nurses and professional dog trainers, your pooch will be in the best of hands on your wedding day. We will help your dog of honour politely greet the guests as they arrive and help your dog carry out any special ceremony roles.


We will assist with getting your pooch to pose for photos and coordinate with the photographer to get the PAWfect pictures. We will stay for as little or as long as needed and will take care of all the toilet breaks, treats, belly rubs, water breaks and walks. Your dog will have the time of its life while you marry the love of your life.


Honeymoon Service

Leaving your furry best friend at home by themselves is heart breaking! So don't... we can house & dog sit in the comfort of your own home after the wedding. We will treat your home and dog like its our own. Or, if you would like your pooch to stay at a boarding kennel, we can drop them to the kennels after the wedding. 

Vet Nurse. Insured. Police Checked

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