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About Emily

I'm Emily, Veterinary nurse and owner of I Do Paws. Growing up an avid animal lover, I always knew I wanted to work with animals.


After graduating from Adelaide Uni, I decided to pursue my passion and began my journey working as a vet nurse. Having worked in general practice for 7 years and running puppy preschools, I decided to branch out and began working at a veterinary specialist clinic, where I reside today in the Ophthalmology unit.​

I love my work, I love weddings and I adore running my you could really say I have the best of both worlds!


At home, I have an Aussie Shepherd, 2 cats, an amazing husband and our newest addition, Peggy, our baby daughter. We can often be found at the river, playing football, having a hit of golf or traveling to amazing ski destinations. 


The Business Story

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In 2016, My husband Ryan and I got married at Alru Farm in the Adelaide Hills. Our one wish was to have our fur baby Ace as the 'dog of honour'.


We found it to be a logistical nightmare to organise his attendance with and felt horrible asking a friend to pick up after him and drive him home after the ceremony.​ I was surprised that this service didn't already exist, but realised, as a vet nurse, I was the best person for the job. 

After two hugely successful wedding seasons in Adelaide, we opened up a Melbourne branch in 2019. With my sister Kayla as the Vic branch manager, we travel throughout Victoria & South Australia to be your dogs wedding date.


In 2021, one of our Victorian Vet Nurses made the big move to the Sunshine Coast to work at Australia Zoo. Not wanting to quit, we just decided to open another branchNow, we offer the most reliable and capable Pet Chaperone service across these three states. 


Press Features...

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